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Boutique web development and digital marketing from Japan. Hand-coded websites and data-driven ad campaigns that outperform and outshine.

Bald Man Brands

Everything you need to build an online presence

A minimalist approach that favors speed, security, and simplicity. No plugins or page builders.


Polish an existing project or create something completely new. Explore different theories of web design and find something that gets you truly excited to create.


Hand-coding means having control over every aspect of development. I use the highest-rated web frameworks available to achieve what page builders can't.


Send your idea out into the world with the best hosting options in existence. Utilize advanced SEO and analytic tools to nurture and grow your online endeavor.

Bald Man Brands

Real, measurable impact

I use easily quantifiable performance metrics to demonstrate just how effective Jamstack web architecture can be. Build lightning-fast, creative websites that delight both users and search engines alike.

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Build better websites.

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